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The Cat Stevens Songbook

An amazing orchestration of Cat Stevens music is brought to life on stage, up close and personal. Immerse yourself in the days of the old school yard, take a longer boat on the road, to find out where the children play.

Enjoy the haunting timbre of the violins, the warm resonance of the cello and soar on the air with the trumpets. These instruments and others surround and support a core group of vocalists, guitars, bass, percussion and keyboards to recreate the very essence and nuance of his music.

The Tillerman orchestra is a collection of dedicated musicians who have worked tirelessly to bring that classic Cat Stevens sound so iconic of his albums Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat.

The Cat Stevens Songbook Reviews


"Bravo to all of you! Look forward to the next show"
" ...it was great!!"
" Such a charge to see you playing, Michael. And that 12-string is beautiful!"
" i jusuf bi ponosan bio"
"It was a great show!"
"Just pulled out my old Cat Stevens vinyls."
"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Congrats to everyone involved!!"
"One word Excellent!!"
"Congratulations - awesome show"
"Loved the second half outfit."
"Having both my dogs appearing on the big screen gave it an even more personal touch."
"What a great show"
"Had a fantastic time"
"Cool sounds"
"You Dudes! When's the world tour?"
"Thanks for a fantastic afternoon going down memory lane."
"You guys did Cat Stevens justice. It was awesome."


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